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Marwan Hussin February 10, 2001 18:02

bus-like simplified shapes external aerodynamics.
does any one have material on the CFD analysis (with wind tunnel verification) of external aerodynamics of bus-like simplified shapes that can be done on PC or maximally sun workstation to start working on it and enhancing to a real bus shape.

a beginner

John C. Chien February 13, 2001 19:36

Re: bus-like simplified shapes external aerodynami
(1). There was a "Vehicle Aerodynamics" book published some 10 years ago. It covered a wide range of vehicles, including trucks. (2). The sample CFD paper cited was rather crude in those days, but there were experimental data included. I don't have the information about the book itself, so, you will have to do some digging.

Marwan Hussin February 15, 2001 15:06

Re: bus-like simplified shapes external aerodynami
the book is Aerodynamics of Road Vehicle by HUCHO . I have the 98 version of the book ,it's the best book to give anyone the taste of vehicle's a book that's suitable to understand the vehicle application problem domain of aerodynamics. but not to implement ,900 pages, It has a chapter on CFD and the only simplified shape in is Ahmed Body...REAL SIMPLIFIED..HA! anyway thanks john for your continuos help to this Forum Marwan

John C. Chien February 15, 2001 17:21

Re: bus-like simplified shapes external aerodynami
(1). I am sure that a long term gas shortage will convince the big three to spend more resources in vehicle aerodynamics. (2). Otherwise, there will be more and more people driving trucks and SUVs on American highways. On Los Angeles highways, the cars are frequently moving at 70~80 mph. So, there are more problems with the tires.

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