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Junseok Kim February 14, 2001 02:26

3D visulization
Hi, there.

I saw many people represent drops and bubbles in 3D, but I don't know how to do it.

Are there any good resources for that?

Thank you~

p.s. I am a grad, so I can't afford to buy a commercial software, but my school has matlab, mathematica, and tecplot. Also, I know how to do slice things with matlab, but I want to something looks like 3D.

Oliver Gloth February 14, 2001 06:31

Re: 3D visulization
Have a look at VTK it is free and it will run on UNIX and Windows.

Michael Bergdorf February 14, 2001 10:12

Re: 3D visulization
you might want to take a look at ibm's open data explorer opendx which is also free and available for a vast range of platforms.


John C. Chien February 14, 2001 19:05

Re: 3D visulization
(1). You really need to take a course in computer graphics. (2). There are good text books available, using OpenGL graphic library. (these are college text books, so you don't need to be a PhD in order to read the books.) (3). Edward Angel, University of New Mexico,"Interactive Computer Graphics, a top-down approach with OpenGL",1996 (4) Hill,"computer graphics", 1990 (MIT?)(5). Foley,J.D.&...,"computer Graphics",(C version1996), Handbook type. (5). Without a good foundation in computer graphics, you are going to have very hard time in CAD, geometry modeling, mesh generation, CFD, and post-processing. There is a good reason why CFD is also called Colorful fluid dynamics. Without computer graphics, CFD is lifeless.

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