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srikant srinivasan February 15, 2001 11:44

Lax Friedrichs Flux Splitting
Can anyone tell me where I can get information about Lax Friedrich's flux splitting. I need to understand this before I can go ahead with the rest of the (first) ENO paper by Shu and Osher. More specifically I need to know how 'alpha' which is defined as the (max) derivative of f(u) w.r.t u, is computed.

John C. Chien (Alter Ego) February 16, 2001 10:12

Lax Friedrichs Flux Splitting
R.J. LeVeque has some on-line notes which describe the method. This should help you with everything and more
:). He also has another small book which is definitely worth reading (ha...I sound like a salesman...)

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