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Ola Lindgren November 12, 1998 12:49

Heat transfer coefficent in turbulent flow
I am not so experienced in CFD calculations and are wondering how I should calculate the heat transfer coefficient from a calculation of the velocitys with k-epsilon modelling and wall laws. I don't calculate the temperature so i must use the velocity to get the heat transfer coefficent. If anybody have a suggestion, please let me know.

Dr. Don I anyanwu November 14, 1998 03:35

Re: Heat transfer coefficent in turbulent flow
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Jonas Bredberg November 17, 1998 06:49

Re: Heat transfer coefficent in turbulent flow

I might have an answer you don't like. Calculate the temperature field and resolve the turbulent quantities down to the wall, without using any wall functions - then you may get a chance of predicting the heat transfer with some accuracy. Otherwise take a look in a Heat Transfer Handbook, they have a lot of correlations using Reynols number and Prandtl number. Whether your case is included I wouldn't know. I do heat transfer (and flowfield) predictions in ribbed duct, which are rotating, similar do what you found inside a turbine blade (in gas turbines).

Hope this could have help you, eventhough it wasn't the answer you was looking for,

Cheers Jonas

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