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Bhibhuti February 17, 2001 11:55

Axisymmetry With Swirl
While using Fluent I saw the concept of axisymmetric swirl. Can someone enlighten on it.

Thanks Bhibhuti

Josh February 17, 2001 19:04

Re: Axisymmetry With Swirl

It is possible to have an axisymmetric flowfield with 3 velocity components, this is what is meant by axisymmetric swirl. To see this, look at the cylindrical equations of motion and cancel out all of the terms that require differentiation with respect to theta, you will see that there is still a Vtheta component and a Vtheta equation. Batchelor's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (Dynamics?) has an excellent introdutory section related to these flows (i.e. flow reversals etc...)


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