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Jaggarao February 19, 2001 13:27

are you having code?

any body are having code of the following problem?

problem: Using Newtons method, solve study two-dimensional Burgers's equations

u du/dx+v du/dy-(1/10)(d^2/dx^2+d^2/dy^2)u=0

u dv/dx+v dv/dy-(1/10)(d^2/dx^2+d^2/dy^2)v=0

where d= partial derivative.

for the velocity components "u" and "v" in the rectangular domain (-1,0)X (1,pi/30).The boundary conditions from the analytic solution

u= -(1/5k)(dk/dx)

d=partial derivative.

v=-(1/5k)(dk/dy) where

k= 110.13+110.13x+ ( e^{5(x-1)}+e^{-5(x-1)})cos(5y)

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