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Need Advice February 20, 2001 10:22

I am using ADI method for my problem which involves only heat convective flow. My question is do i have to use the same ADI method for the energy transport equation as well as the vorticity transport equation. Is it possible to use the ADI scheme for only the vorticity transport equation and another different scheme for the energy transport equation? Please advise.

wzy February 20, 2001 22:27

Re: Convection
Yes, it is possible. Make sure they are highly coupled during the iteration, otherwise, you may meet unstable problem.

Need Advice February 21, 2001 02:16

Re: Convection
Sorry, but i do not understand what you mean by highly coupled. Could you please explain? Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

wzy February 21, 2001 03:49

Re: Convection
I mean that you may use ADI to calculate momentum equations once than maybe use point iterations to calculte energy equtation few times, make sure the convregen rate are matched. I am not so sure, hope it can help you.

Grateful February 22, 2001 03:33

Re: Convection
Thanks a million.

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