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hu February 21, 2001 12:50

simulation of stirred tanks
Hi, everybody,

I intend to simulate a stirred tank with Rushton-impellers using a snapshot method proposed by prof.Ranade. Has anyone tried this method?

He thought the mass sink Sm=-Rho * Abc * Wbc ( Abc and Wbc are the area of the computation cell adjacent to the back side of the blade and rotational velocity of blade respetively) and mass source Sm1= - Sm for the compuatation cell adjacent to the front side of the blade, which means Wbc = Omega * r ( r is the radius of the computation cell). However when I add the mass source and sink into the pressure equation, (by su=su+sm) and I add the corrosponding source terms and sink terms into the momentum equations ( by su=su+sm*phi, phi is U, V, W velocities of the last iteration). However, I found the results are not reasonable because all velocity components are greater than the experiment data (the maximum velocity is 9.0Utip).

Who can tell me what's wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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