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Krzysztof Krecisz November 13, 1998 07:07

Swirl flows
I am looking for anything about swirl flows.

Armin Hofstädter November 17, 1998 04:11

Re: Swirl flows
This seems to be a pretty general approach. Strongly swirled? Weakly swirled? Combustion?...

I posted a message containing information about my project on Nov. 5th. Maybe we can help each other.

Krzysztof Krecisz November 17, 1998 13:02

Re: Swirl flows
What does it mean strongly or weakly swirled ?

Daejin,Kang November 20, 1998 22:05

Re: Swirl flows
Dear Armin,

I have studied for the swirl flows of nozzle........... For experimently , I found strong swirl to nozzle orifice(outlet).........but not CFD.. What's the problem for CFD.......? geometry? boundary condition? of the turbulent model?

help me...please....

Abdul Aziz Jaafar November 21, 1998 13:20

Re: Swirl flows
Dear Daejin

It is interesting to note that not all computations could give aggreement with experimental, provided that you sure that the boundary condition and the setting of the flow and heat transfer problem are correct. Again to make sure that your solution correct, choose to performed computation with more grid points.

In my experience sometime it is good before put ourself in the new problem to begin with a test cases. In your problem, I could try flow on the pipe with no swirl. Assuming laminar flow, then you can compare with analatical solution. If my solution agree with it, then I am very confidence that my setting, grid and boundary condition are correct. Then you add boundary condition for swirl and turbulence variables in it.

Hope this help

A. Aziz Jaafar

Mei Chen December 11, 1998 16:34

Re: Swirl flows
I'm trying to model transient solution of the flow field in cyclone in 3D using DSM turbulence model. I had difficulty in converging it. My time step has to be very very small(0.000001), and I can only run 10 time steps each time. Otherwisw the core will be generated and I got nothing. Does anybody know what might be the problem and how to solve it?

Thank you in advance.

Mei Chen Ph.D Student in Chemical Engineering Department of U of A

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