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workshop2001 February 23, 2001 14:09

First Annoucement for the EUROMECH / ERCOFTAC COLLOQUIUM on ------------------------------------------------------------


Toulouse, France, October 18-19, 2001

THE EUROMECH/ERCOFTAC 2001 WORKSHOP ----------------------------------- The aim of the workshop is to bring together part of the community of engineers, mathematicians and others working on the development of algorithms for solving the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations using a velocity/pressure formulation and discretised by a high order finite element methods in complex three-dimensional geometries.

The purpose of this meeting is to define the state of the art in this domain and to take stock of existing efficient algorithms for the numerical simulation of unsteady flows arising in problems from applied or theoretical incompressible fluid mechanics.

Since the computational side has evolved vigorously in computationally intensive applications, a particular attention will be devoted to algorithms allowing a decoupling between the pressure and velocity adapted to parallel computations.

The final objective of the workshop is to identify the advantages and possible shortcomings of high order finite element methods when applied to flows in complex geometries

Among those who have agreed to make Invited Presentations at the Conference are:

J. Shen, Penn State University (USA)

P. Fischer, Argonne University (USA)

S. J. Sherwin, Imperial College (UK)

T. N. Phillips, University of Wales (UK)

Y. Maday, Paris VI (France)

A. Quarteroni, EPFL (Switzerland)

P. Haldenwang, IRPHE (France)

J. L. Guermond, LIMSI (France)

H. Ben Hadid, UCB-ECL (France)

O. Pironneau, Paris VI (France)

J. P. Caltagirone, Bordeaux (France)

ACCESSIBILITY AND ACCOMMODATION ------------------------------- In just a few years, Toulouse has built a reputation as a dynamic, modern city. The aviation and space industries, electronics, information technology and biotechnologies are the key sectors that have contributed to the city's solid economic development. Toulouse's development has been controlled, respecting the multiple criteria that go to make up the city's all-important quality of life. With its jumble of old streets, lively café terraces, colourful markets and russet roofs, this ancient city has become home to a unique mix of high-tech industry and the arts ; of Renaissance heritage and youthful ambition. It is a city on a human scale, easy to stroll about in, with masses to do and see.

CALL FOR PAPERS --------------- Two page abstracts are invited by 15 July, 2001. Notification of the decision of the Scientific Committee will be given by 10 September 2001.

IMPORTANT DATES --------------- Deadline for submission of abstract - 15 July, 2001 Notification of decision - 10 September 2001 Deadline for early payment - 15 September 2001 Booking of accommodation - as soon as possible

REGISTRATION FEES ----------------- The registration fees are 1000 FF. A number of grants may be available upon request. The fees cover lunches and coffee breaks, the provision of a book of abstracts and the Gala dinner.

CONGRESS SECRETARIAT -------------------- Euromech/Ercoftac Workshop on SPECTRAL METHODS AND TIME SCHEMES IMFT - UMR CNRS 5502 Allées du Professeur C. Soula 31400 Toulouse, FRANCE Email:

ORGANIZERS ---------- M. Azaiez (I.M.F.T. C.N.R.S. - U.P.S. Toulouse) France. F. Ben Belgacem (M.I.P. - U.P.S. Toulouse) France. A. Bergeon (I.M.F.T. C.N.R.S. - U.P.S. Toulouse) France. M. Deville (E.P.F.L. Lausanne) Switzerland.

SCIENTIFIC COMITTEE ------------------- C. Bernardi (C.N.R.S. - Paris VI) France. F. Ben Belgacem (M.I.P. - U.P.S. Toulouse) France. C. Canuto (Politecnico di Torino) Italy M. Deville (E.P.F.L. Lausanne) Switzerland. P. Le Quéré (L.I.M.S.I. - C.N.R.S. Orsay) France. E. Mund (Université Libre de Bruxelles) Belgium. R. Pasquetti (Université de Nice) France. C. Schwab (E.T.H.Z.) Switzerland.

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