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Jeff Herrin November 13, 1998 16:54

I'm looking for a CFD code
I'm seeking a CFD package that can model/predict the time-dependent flow in a rotating hydrostatic pump including the effects of hydraulic oil cavitation. In general, an incompressible model will be sufficient but I might be interested in modeling compressibility effects as well. I need a complete package w/ pre- and post-processor that can run on Windows NT 4.0. Prefer inviscid/viscous flow solver w/ heat transfer models.

Can anyone suggest a commercial or free-ware code that satisfies these requirements? I'm also interested in any first-hand experiences w/ user-friendliness, technical support, etc....

Dr. Don I anyanwu November 14, 1998 03:31

Re: I'm looking for a CFD code
I can help you but, how much?

C. Y. Cheng December 17, 1998 03:03

Re: I'm looking for a CFD code
(1) You can find many commercial software packages for the job, but it is not a very easy decision to make a final choice without more comprehensive facts about the budget, the experiences/capability of people running it and other factors.

(2) BTW, I suggest you seriously reconsider your requirement of running it on "windows 2000" (aka NT). Only "causal users" would choose to run CFD on such a low-quality, unrobust, and single-user only platform. (It is similar to insist on riding a bicycle to commute from home to office 40 miles away on the regular basis (while a decent car is available -- a low end Unix system is cheaper than NT boxes). Running on NT -- it is probably do-able, but why ?

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