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Arne February 26, 2001 15:08

y+ question
Hi all,

I was hoping someone could recommend a good place to read up on the need for certain y+ values on body surfaces and in the boundary layer in viscous caluculations. AFAIK its a requirement linked to the turbulence model used. Currently Im working with the Spalart-Allmaras one-equation model, but have previously had a similiar requirement regarding y+ working with a Low-Re k-Epsilon model. Would be very grateful if anyone could point me to some general or (model) specific explanation in the form of books or papers on the subject. Thanks in advance, Arne

John C. Chien February 26, 2001 17:51

Re: y+ question
(1). For CFD, the book by David C. Wilcox,"Turbulence Modeling for CFD" should be more than enough for you. (2). For fluid dynamics and boundary layer theory, you need the standard reference book of Schlichting, "Boundary Layer Theory" ,which has been around since early 60's. (3). For the study of turbulent flows, see Hinze's book of "Turbulence". (4). These are minimum number of books you need to get involved in turbulent flows. (you can go from there to review the specific papers in the reference section)

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