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Paksunil February 27, 2001 02:12

three-phase flow modelling(gas,droplet,particle)
I research the multi-phase flow. I am trying to use the Eulerian-Lagrangian Method solving the problem. There are many papers about two-phase flows. But I didn't found the three-phase dispersed dense flow in which the gas is the carrier phase and the droplets and particles are the dispersed phase. I'm trying to consider the particle-particle collision, the particle-droplet collision, the droplet-droplet collsion, and the particle(droplet)-wall collsion. When the collisions are considered, I think, the coalescence and break-up of droplets can be considered too. I am searching the books and papers related to the above themes, but there aren't the droplet-particle collision modelling and the droplet breakup(coalescence,splash,deposition) modelling. If anyone knows these informations, please notice me. Thanks a lot for your help!

JunseokKim February 27, 2001 11:07

Re: three-phase flow modelling(gas,droplet,particl
Do you have your own hame page which I can look at, so I can have a feeling what is your research about.


John C. Chien (Alter Ego) February 27, 2001 18:06

Re: three-phase flow modelling(gas,droplet,particl
Not too sure about the specifics of the paper but it incorporates 3 phases :)


Li Chemical Engineering Science.54(1999)5101-5107

Numerical Simulation of gas-liquid-solid fluidization systems using a combined CFD-VOF-DPM method: bubble wake behaviour -----------------------------------------------------

Duane Baker February 28, 2001 02:12

Re: three-phase flow modelling(gas,droplet,particl
Hi Paksunil,

I think you might be best to start off with one of the modern texts on the field which will give you an understanding and references for both gas-droplet and gas particle flows. Check out:

"Multiphase Flows With Droplets and Particles" by Martin Sommerfeld, Yutaka Tsuji, Clayton T. Crowe

You might want to check out Prof. Dr. Sommerfeld's institute home page for publicatons, summer school courses, etc at:

Best Regards, Duane

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