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Justin case March 2, 2001 10:05

Sand filter modeling?
I wish to model the flow of a liquid through varying layers of sand in a filtration bed. How in general would this problem be approached and is it possible. Any help is appreciated. thanks

Newbie March 4, 2001 23:53

Re: Sand filter modeling?
I am modeling a closely related problem using an Eulerian approach. It works relatively ok. Hope this helps

Sincerely A.

Jin Wook LEE March 5, 2001 07:42

Re: Sand filter modeling?
Eulerian multi-phase model is appropriate one because your sand layer is varying. However, Eulerian multi-phase modeling is very difficult and require extensive computing work. Simple single(liquid) phase calculation somtimes might be very good approximation if your sand layer is varying not rigously. In this case, porous medium approach is common one.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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