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troubled kid March 4, 2001 23:53

external flow around square cylinder
Dear all,

Does anyone knows how long it will take (approximately how many hours, days, etc.. ) to use visual C++ to simulate flow about a square cylinder of size 12x12 and channel size 132x132? I am using a simple Forward-Time Central-Spacing explicit scheme under Re 50 and spacing of 1/120 ( Channel size 1.1 by 1.1; U=10.0; top wall streamfunction=11)with 5 internal iterations within each time step (holding boundary condition constant per time step).

Why I ask this question is that I have found literature saying the vortex shedding period at Re100 to be Time of about 7(rough gauge) or more, and yet I am using a time step of 10^-6 (one micro). So does that mean that I would need 7 million time steps to observe one shedding cycle??

Thanks a lot!!

Jason March 4, 2001 23:53

Re: external flow around square cylinder
yes, your time step is too small, so you need more time steps, why not increase your DT?

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