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P Hsieh March 5, 2001 18:59

three fluids modelling

I am interested in flow modelling that has 3 different fluids in the domain. All the papers that I have read so far were developed for 2-phase (or 2-fluid) flow, such as Level-set and VOF. Can anyone point to me any paper that describes mulit-fluid (> 3 fluids) modelling? Thanks!

P. Hsieh

O March 5, 2001 20:04

Re: three fluids modelling
Use the Search option. This topic has been covered before. :P

Junseok Kim March 6, 2001 11:32

Re: three fluids modelling
I am doing some research in three components fluid flow simulation, what is your interest area?

P Hsieh March 6, 2001 16:07

Re: three fluids modelling
Hi, Kim,

The problem that I am solving involves 3 different tpyes of fluid (air + 2 differnt liquids). One of the interests is how the interfaces move. I am looking for literatures that gave detailed algorithm to solve this type of problem, including extending VOF (or level set) from 2-fluid to 3-fluid.

I did a search in the forum, but, did not find anything.


P Hsieh

JunseokKim March 7, 2001 03:18

Re: three fluids modelling
I am doing a research with three fluid flow model and simulatoin with diffuse-interface method which can simulate two fluids are immiscible and the third fluid is preferentially miscible with one of the others.

You can look at my home page for my project.


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