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Richard Carroni November 17, 1998 05:07

Launder & Sharma model in combusion case
Hi. Does anybody have any experience with the Launder & Sharma low Re number turbulence model, in conjunction with combustion (nonpremixed) modelling (using the SCRS/pdf approach). I find that soon after 'switching on' the combustion model, the simulation crashes due to a zero in a denominator somewhere. Very small under-relaxation factors and numerous sweeps of the continuity equation do not seem to help. The combustion algorithm is correctly implemented because the simulation works properly when using the standard k-e model.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


Abdul Aziz Jaafar November 17, 1998 19:59

Re: Launder & Sharma model in combusion case
Dear Richard

Perhaps you could check the value of the variable. Ex turbulence reynold number, y+ value, turbulence viscosity, the turbulence kinetic energy and turbulece dissipation and the corresponding coefficients value first.

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