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radhakrishnan March 8, 2001 06:52

L-U decomposition of block matrices!!
hello!! I am trying to solve a tri-diagonal block matrix system by L-U decomposition.I'd like to test run my algorithm...where can i find test data?


A.X = Y I tried to rig up some data by considering a 5X5 system where each element in the A is a 2X2 matrix(25 elements) and each element of X and Y is a 2X1 matrix(5 elements each)...i considered some 2X1 matrices as the elements of X and then rigged up some coeficient matrices and the corresponding the Y matrices.But my algorithm gave me a set of 2X1 matrices which satisfy the equation but are different from ones that i used to construct the equation!!

Does this mean that det(A)==0 ??....please shed some light!

thanx radhakrishnan

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