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sangrar March 8, 2001 23:03

hx2h Cavity flow results ?
Does anyone know where (preferably in the Internet) I can find the results of 2D Laminar rectangular lid-driven cavity flow calculations with height h and width 2h?

Thank you

John C. Chien March 14, 2001 19:55

Re: hx2h Cavity flow results ?
(1). I have developed a complete software package ten years ago for cavity flow problems with arbitrary Reynolds numbers and arbitrary aspect ratios, and other variations on the boundary conditions. It is complete with graphics of its own for PC. (2). It took only a few minuites to compute a case in those days using PC/286. (3). Since I have been working on VC++, it is likely that the program will be converted to VC++ first. But right now, I don't have a fixed schedule yet, because I am working on the other design program development, which I think will have more users. (4). But I will let you know here, if it becomes a reality. (the old cavity program went through beta test well, and right now I don't have plan to market it.)

Sebastien Perron March 14, 2001 23:05

Re: hx2h Cavity flow results ?
If you want to, I could make the calculations. For my thesis, I developped a "classical" finite volume scheme (constant interpolation functions for all variables) which allows to used both structured and unstructured meshes at the same time . The results obtain so far (lid-driven cavity flow, natural convection, turbulent flow, flow past an obstacle) have proven that the scheme is reliable.

sangrar March 14, 2001 23:23

Thank you
Thank you for response.

I just use this case as a benchmark problem for test. The geometry of cavity is : width=0.2m, height=0.1m. Velocity of moving wall is 0.01m/s and the fluid is water with rho=998.2 and miu=1.003e-3. I take it as a laminar flow.No energy equation is involved.

The results of velcity pattern shows there exist two circulation flow on left and right of cavity respectively. I have no idea if it is physically correct.If possible, could you give me your results to make a comparison?

Again, thanks for your time.

Sebastien Perron March 15, 2001 08:35

Re: Thank you
I get the these two circulation flow. But, In order to have something reliable, I'll need to make to calcultions on other meshes.

Sebastien Perron March 15, 2001 08:59

To fast on conclusion, After letting it converged, I only get on recirculation zone. These results were confirmed with another finer mesh.


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