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John March 9, 2001 15:46

Grid generation package for turbomachinery
Hi Genlemen,

I am choosing a grid generation package. I need to simulate a contrifugal compressor impeller with a hole on casing wall. The hole is used to duct flow from midpassage to inlet.

So what I need is a grid generator which is both good for standard turbomachinery geometry and good for some unregular geometry as well. And my solver is Star-CD.

Thanks for your recommendation and have a good weekend.


Joern Beilke March 9, 2001 16:13

Re: Grid generation package for turbomachinery
Have a look at Gridpro. Multiblock-Hex-Meshing with mesh-optimisation.

David March 9, 2001 18:38

Re: Grid generation package for turbomachinery

You should contact ICEM CFD Engineering:

Your nearest office will be pleased to help you in your search for the best tool for the job.

I have experience in meshing such models. I feel that ICEM could provide you with a complete tool giving you the ability for multiblock structrured HEX as well as unstructured TET and even hybrid mixing the two types togther. All these meshes can be written direct to STAR CD. ICEM is also a prefered partner in mesh generation for use with STAR CD.

Let me know if you have any further detailed questions.



Bruno March 10, 2001 18:40

Re: Grid generation package for turbomachinery
Hello John,

May I suggest you to contact NUMECA. The grid generator IGG/Autogrid is a multiblock structured grid generator fully dedicated to turbomachinery configurations. It can easily handle standard and unregular geometries, such as the one you are describing. A major feature of Autogrid is that it stores all the mesh parameters into a template file. This means that you can generate automatically the same grid for a given family of geometries. The template stores the mesh properties which are essential in turbomachinery configurations (topology, number of points on LE and TE, size of the first cell in the streamwise and pitchwise directions, number and distribution of points in the main blocks, in the clearances, in the casing holes, etc).

Hope this can help.

Do not hesitate to contact us at NUMECA USA (Steven Sommer 602/231-5913 or at NUMECA International (+322-6433570) -

Best regards,


Alan March 13, 2001 02:57

Re: Grid generation package for turbomachinery
You can also look at TIGER at It allows you to create the standard turbomachinery quickly.

Joern Beilke March 13, 2001 11:46

Re: Grid generation package for turbomachinery
Apart from lots of marketing bla bla ("Simply the world's best turbomachinery grid generation code") and some H-type meshes in the gallery there are no technical information about the code on your homepage.

If you can't deal with O-type or general muliblock topologies then you are more than 5 year behind the time.

John Chawner March 21, 2001 10:37

Re: Grid generation package for turbomachinery
You might want to consider Pointwise's Gridgen software. See

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