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Tee March 11, 2001 03:02

Free surface
Dear all,

I have just completed the simulation of the incompressible flow past a circular cyl in 2D using SMAC/SOLA.

I would now like to simulate the free surface flow past the same. I would be grateful if someone could suggest me a relatively less complicated beginners approach(apart from MAC), preferably using finite difference.

Thank you.

Mehdi BEN ELHADJ March 11, 2001 05:15

Re: Free surface
Try to use SEM (Scalar equation method) or HOL (Height of liquid technique) for free surface in PHOENICS code.

Dean March 11, 2001 16:14

Re: Free surface

You mention using SOLA. If you have the SOLA report (LA-5852 from Los Alamos by Hirt, Nichols, and Romero), you might be able to use the SOLA-SURF code listed in the second half of the report. It is limited to free surfaces that are not too badly contorted (no breaking waves, for example).

Jim Park March 12, 2001 10:14

Re: Free surface
Can't tell from your post, but it appears that you want to do your own coding with an established algorithm.

If, however, you can work with an existing code, you should try to obtain NASA-VOF/2D. This will allow you to handle the boundaries and the computational domain in Cartesian coordinates and represent the cylinder with fractional cells instead of stairstepping. That is done using FAVOR (Fractional Area Volume Obstacle Representation).

The code is described in

Torrey, M.D., Cloutman, L.D., Mjolsness, R.C., and Hirt, C.W., "NASA-VOF2D: A Computer Program for Incompressible Flows with Free Surfaces," Los Alamos National Laboratory report LA-10612-MS, 1985.

The report should be available from LANL


The report contains a FORTRAN listing of the code. However, you may be able to obtain a copy of the code from NASA or DOE document distribution centers.

Good luck!

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