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ascott March 11, 2001 10:06

Hi, I'm a AVL's FIRE user and I need to know what is the best formulas to obtain the boundary's condition for turbulence (this is simultation for the inlet flow in a Diesel 4 strockes engine). The turbulence model is k-e and the mean speed of flow can vary from 10m/s to 60m/s (experiment's results), so i need the formulas for k, e, and l (lengh scale). I tried to use some formula but it doesn't seem to match. If you have some advise to give me, thanks in advance.

Mark Olesen March 12, 2001 03:33

We have an adapted version of the usrbnd.f that allows TKE to be given as a percentage of the mean velocity, which may help you.

I'd be happy to supply this, just contact me and we can arrange a transfer method.

Unfortunately, due to internal politics, we can neither receive from nor send e-mail to domains such as 'hotmail', 'gmx', 't-online', etc.



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