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Gerard Moroney November 17, 1998 10:15

free surface boundary conditions

i am in the process of validating a three-dimensional finite difference code modelling a computational 'tank' with a free surface. the free surface is modelled through a kinematic condition. what i am trying to do is find an experimental, analytical or other technique to validate the free surface boundary condition. anyone know how this could be done ? i would really appreciate the help.


gerard moroney

John C. Chien November 17, 1998 11:46

Re: free surface boundary conditions
"Fluid Mechanics"4th ed. V.Streeter,McGraw Hill,Inc,1966,Chapter-2,sample, rotation of circular cylinder about its axis,h=r*r*omega*omega/(2.0*g), paraboloid of revolution. Transient flow with the rotation suddenly stopped is also an interesting problem,but I don't have solution for that.

Glenn Price November 17, 1998 16:49

Re: free surface boundary conditions

Just curious, what sort of surface tracking algorithm is the 3D code using?

Also how are the free surface boundary condition applied, e.g., continuum surface force approach of Brackbill et al?

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