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F.F Lin March 13, 2001 11:42

Would you help me
I'm get report with NASA-VOF3D from lanl. And rebuild with Delphi, for skilful in pascal. But I found it run with error, case in casting pour. When I set right boundry as Flow-3D. But there no advection. So I'm oubtful of code from report. But I could not get fortran source include some example. Also could not get fortran source file. I'm use the source append report. Would you have these source and full example. pls send me. And I think my program is no wrong, 100% translate from report.


John C. Chien March 13, 2001 12:21

Re: Would you help me
(1). With the report, I guess you could try to learn the method used in the code and make the correction if the error does exist.

Jim Park March 13, 2001 14:18

Re: Would you help me
I just looked in the LANL report. The code runs to 7628 FORTRAN statements, including comments but with the COMMON blocks printed only once. And there's very little white space to help readibility. It is quite an accomplishment to translate this to Pascal without error.

I think John has made a good suggestion. Start with a very simple flow and make the code solve that correctly, then increase the complexity a little at a time until you break the code or solve your problem.

krishnan menon March 14, 2001 03:36

Re: Would you help me
dear expert, iam am an engg. student from india .i hav very little knoldge about computational fluid dynamics,but am eager to to know more .our college library has very little leterature on CFD.what do i do.please help me.expecting your kind co operation.

John C. Chien March 14, 2001 05:40

Re: Would you help me
(1). You can take a look at the book section of this forum, and try to borrow the books available from your library. Even if you don't know much about CFD, you can get some feeling about CFD from these books in the first place. (2). From the books, you can pick some reference papers from the technical journals, and from there, you can get a better idea about how the CFD is actually carried out. (3). If you have difficulties in reading the books and technical papers, you should discuss it with the teachers, to find out which courses to take next. (4). For the CFD applications, you can visit the websites of the CFD code vendors on Internet.(their websites are listed in the forum) (5). Basically, you need to know a lot about the fluid mechanics and heat transfer in general, math, especially the partial differential equations and numerical analysis, mesh generation, and turbulence modeling.

F.F Lin March 14, 2001 08:41

Re: Would you help me
Thanks Mr. John C. Chien and Jim Park, and all,

At the first, as your suggestion, I use simplest case such as broken dam. But VOF has some problems for three dimension. Also pressure is in and increase and increase, and VOF are misty and misty. I try find what error which translaterd program for one month. Unfortunately, It's without result. Are you interest in my program written by Delphi 5.0 use OOP technologic. And this program have OpenGL visualizer, full mesh generator with STL(also may include STEP/IGES in the further). This program is written at one years ago. But not run well, so I lie over. Are you have time to read this program and tell me what error. If you obliging, I'll send this program (include source) with email.

Peter Attar March 14, 2001 09:34

Re: Would you help me
Gee is that it : )

kalyan March 14, 2001 14:54

Re: Would you help me
First identify which type of CFD interests you. There are several to choose from : external aerospace related aerodynamics (flow around aircraft, wings, rotors), civil engineering flows (water flow problems, flow around buildings etc.), internal fluid mechanics (combustors, rockets motors, pipe & nozzle flows with heat transfer etc.). You can also make a choice based on the flow regimes and properties (incompressible, transonic, hypersonic, reacting, non-equilibrium, rarified gas dynamics). After you make a choice, you can find a introductory book in that field to start learning. You can either buy the book or convince your library or a professor to buy it. Books are a good investment for your money

k j menon March 16, 2001 08:50

Re: Would you help me
thank u kalyan . shall contact u very soon

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