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Jonas Larsson March 13, 2001 15:29

CFD Online Server Load
As you might have noticed the server running the CFD Online site is quite slow today. The reason is heavy server load - more and more people visit CFD Online regularly and this increases the load on the server. Today more than 10,000 web-pages are delivered each day. During peak-hours (US office time) this sometimes overloads the server. For this reason I would like to ask those people who want to automatically download large parts of the site to please avoid doing so during US office hours. You are welcome to do so during other hours, but if you do please make sure that you set a delay on a few seconds between each page-load to give the server some time to handle other people also. Today I was forced to ban a few people who did excessive automatic downloads from the server.

A solution to this load-problem is on the way. I have a brand new high-end dual-CPU Linux server up and running on a test-site and I will move to it as soon as possible. However, it will take a few more weeks before everything is set up. Until then I hope that you can live with the sometimes slow response of the current server. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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