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F.F Lin March 14, 2001 10:09

NASA-VOF 3D code
I'm get report with NASA-VOF3D from lanl. And rebuild with Delphi, for skilful in pascal. But I found it run with error, case in casting pour. When I set right boundry as Flow-3D. But there no advection. So I'm oubtful of code from report. But I could not get fortran source include some example. Also could not get fortran source file. I'm use the source append report. Would you have these source and full example. pls send me. And I think my program is no wrong, 100% translate from report.

At the first, I use simplest case such as broken dam. But VOF has some

problems for three dimension. Also pressure is in and increase and

increase, and VOF are misty and misty. I try find what error which

translaterd program for one month. Unfortunately, It's without result. Are you interest in my program written by Delphi 5.0 use OOP technologic.

And this program have OpenGL visualizer, full mesh generator with STL(also

may include STEP/IGES in the further). This program is written at one years ago. But not run well, so I lie over. Are you have time to read this program and tell me what error. If you obliging, I'll send this program (include source) with email.

Anton March 16, 2001 12:40

Re: NASA-VOF 3D code
I am expirienced Delphi user and work in the field of CFD. I'm Interested in your program and I would like to look at. You can send it to me. Anton

qdu March 18, 2001 22:06

Re: NASA-VOF 3D code
I had experience in SOLA-VOF methods, and I have developed the mold filling simulation software using this method. I maybe help you.

Tareq Al-shaalan March 20, 2001 00:34

Re: NASA-VOF 3D code
I am working in two-phase flow with free surface. Could you please tell me How I can get the report for NASA-VOF3D

Tareq Al-Shaalan

Rechard C. March 21, 2001 00:03

Re: NASA-VOF 3D code
I am working with VOF and have been developing Hyprid FEM/FDM/Control Volume Method to simulate viscous fluid flow. Could you please tell me How I can get the report for NASA-VOF3D? Thanks

gma June 14, 2009 21:56

sorce code
I'm working on the simulation of wave breaking. Can anyone give me NASA-VOF3D source code? Thank you in advance.


Hussam November 20, 2009 17:47

solve the Broken Dam problem by SOLA-VOF
Dear Sir,
First, I want to test program SOLA-VOF to solve the Broken Dam problem but with an obstacle.
I find some difficults to take the Mesh, BC.
Please help me in that.


wyf518 March 5, 2010 07:23

Can anyone share me with NASA-VOF3D technical report? Thanks a million.

wyf518 March 5, 2010 07:24

Can anyone share me with NASA-VOF3D technical report? Thanks a million.

shipgod63 August 30, 2010 10:39

Dear Friends

I have nasa vof codes and documents. but my codes is run with very errors. I think the codes is written in ancient fortran. whould you please help for? may you share your appropraite code that run properly? please help me,

Best regards,

morteza08 August 30, 2010 15:47

hi.....i am expert in delphi and fortran and some other programming language..
i worked with VOF code for my MSc thesis..i am ready to help you....
to edit and debug your send it to my mail address and tell me the problemmmm
we can continue discussing about it by mail
morteza08 at

Amiragha72 August 31, 2010 22:14

Hi Morteza
can i have a copy of Code (+ documnet if available)?
my email
thannk you

ves June 21, 2011 14:05

Pressure instability in breaking dam simulation is problem for VOF3D and SOLA VOF. I am recovered SOLA VOF from report, undular bore problem OK, breaking dam failure, preesure unbounded increase

novan tofany February 7, 2012 03:02

Dear Friends

I'm now working on my research related to wave breaking simulation..i have already converted original NASA-VOF2D to MATLAB code.
i'm very sure that my code runs properly..
however,i have a problem here to test the output of my code,
the original report either SOLA-VOF / NASA_VOF2D don't completely include the input data for testing them, only very limited information and several graphics and if i follow the data there, i could not get the same results as showed in the report..there are so many error, especially for the pressure solution..
can anyone share me about how to solve this problem? or does anyone have any information such as input data for simulating a breaking bore problem or Sample test problem in SOLA VOF report (page 45)?

Please share with me at

novan tofany February 7, 2012 03:08

Hello qdu..

could you help me to solve my problem in using SOLA-VOF code..
can i talk with you directly by mail
Thank you for your cooperation

walid_cfd March 12, 2012 10:15

NASA-VOF3D source code
I am working on free surface motion generated by moving bodies in viscous fluids. Would anyone of you please provide me with the NASA-VOF3D code/documentation? I would be really grateful to him/her. My email address is:

pzahedi September 27, 2012 18:33

could anyone please send me the SOLA-VOF code?my email address is:

shirazbj September 30, 2012 09:50


Originally Posted by pzahedi (Post 383981)
could anyone please send me the SOLA-VOF code?my email address is:

send u an old code.

nikavgGR March 8, 2015 13:44

NASA-VOF 3D code

I am studing 2 phase flows using Ansys software so far.
I am interesting for VOF code to compare results.
I have found documentation for SOLA VOF and NASA 3D VOF code.
As stated they are system dependent so the need to be reprogrammed for the graphic part and the read/write section.
Has anyone in the past did any changes that actually worked?
I see lot of interest in the past for such codes in Fortran so I would really appreciate if someone send my a copy.

contact e-mail

Thank you in advance!

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