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Andy Robertson March 15, 2001 16:31

Human Body Simulation - Numeric Thermal Manikin
Folks, I am looking for information on simulating the human body as a heat source. So far I have found references to something called the thermal manikin from Kansas State University. But I cant find any way to get the details on how it was set up.

I am going to be modelling a human in a room and want to actually calculate surface temperatures.

Clearly the generation of heat in the human body is not uniform, and the circulatory system would make the effective conductivity anisotropic and heterogenous.

Any ideas?

Thanks Andy Robertson

Phil Gibson March 19, 2001 11:23

Re: Human Body Simulation - Numeric Thermal Maniki
You can look in the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook for some simple human thermal models (Chapter 8 in 1989 edition). You can download a version of this model at

Byron Jones and Elizabeth McCullough at Kansas State University have done experimental and numerical modeling of thermal and sweating manikins.

Jones, Byron W., He, Qing, Sipes, Jerry M., and McCullough, Elizabeth A. (1994) "The Transient Nature of Thermal Loads Generated by People," ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 100, Pt. 2.

Creare, Inc., (who spun off Fluent) have a 3-D numerical manikin project for the Army (includes clothing effects).

TNO Institute for Perception in the Netherlands is funding a CFD modeling project on human thermal balance (through Kramer Lab at Delft University).

The University of Tokyo also does stuff like this: Coupled Simulation of CFD, Radiation and Moisture Transport for Sensible and Latent Heat Loss from Human Body Study of Computational Thermal Manikin, Jie ZENG, Shinsuke KATO and Shuzo MURAKAMI

You can download a couple of papers on using CFD for human thermal modeling (which are probably more useful for their references than for their content) at the web site

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