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Mark Bearden March 18, 2001 13:52

Online Intro CFD courses
Are there good introductory CFD internet courses available?

John C. Chien March 19, 2001 03:11

Re: Online Intro CFD courses
(1). CFD is computer + Fluid Dynamics. (2). Once you know both, you should be able to deal with CFD. (3). Computer is handled in computer sciences department. Numerical method is handled in math department. And fluid dynamics can be found in engineering school, or science related departments. (4). It seems to me that you need to define your interest more closely first, and then try to locate the source of help. (5). You can take a look at the forum/book section to find out whether a good book is all you need right now. (6). For some people, CFD is mesh generation, for others CFD is numerical algorithm development. And for many commercial CFD code users, CFD is running the codes to solve their problems. (7). In other words, everyone has his own definition of CFD.

darcy March 19, 2001 05:33

Re: Online Intro CFD courses
I think it more offerable to read some books. I have read a book named 'Computational Fluid Dynamics with Basic Applications'. The book is writen by John Anderson Jr. It is the most easy CFD book I ever read. Though it's very easy, it contains enough CFD knowledge for a beginner. I like the most that it is writen in simple English. The equations in it are all in cartesient coordinate form.

However those who will use methods other than finite difference might be some what depressed reading this book. It's becouse Mr. Anderson use finite difference throughout that book. All descretized equations are derivated with finite difference method. If you don't use the finite difference method, you have to derivate you own equations additionally.

Mark Bearden March 19, 2001 08:59

Re: Online Intro CFD courses
Thanks, I bought this book Saturday through and am awaiting its arrival. I am also trying to find an introductory course available through the internet because I lack the self-discipline to diligently work through the book and teach myself. A course forces you to keep up.

ken elms March 19, 2001 11:01

Re: Online Intro CFD courses
Mark, Firstly welcome to the world of CFD and to get a feel of what`s is all about then visit this site to begin ,its old date wise but well worth a read.

alexy March 19, 2001 17:27

Re: Online Intro CFD courses
Mark, please check out for information on live web video streaming graduate level courses in CFD. Hope this helps. --alexy

John C. Chien March 19, 2001 20:57

Re: Online Intro CFD courses
(1). I think this graduate course deal with "Finite Element Computational Fluid Dynamics". (2).In other words, one needs to be familiar with the finite element methods first.

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