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darcy March 20, 2001 06:31

Can I put pictures in my post?
Hi everybody Can I put pictures in my posts? I sometimes have problems in grid generation. I want to show the geometry in question with figures. Is it allowed to put pictures in my posts? If it is, tell me how to do. Thx.


John C. Chien March 20, 2001 13:16

Re: Can I put pictures in my post?
(1). It's going to be very slow for the reader, even if it can be done. (it has been tested once I guess?) (2). I normally do not wait for the banners to appear on the webpage, even for a small picture, it is taking a lot of time to load. (3). You have to consider the average users through average phone lines. (4). You can e-mail to someone to get the answer. But even in that case, most free e-mails have limited disk space to store the data. So, the picture can easily overload the busy e-mail box. (5). When you have problem with mesh generation, it is likely that you have problem with the algorithm used, not the final picture you generated. So, what is your problem?

darcy March 20, 2001 22:11

Re: Can I put pictures in my post?

Maybe "grids construction" should be used instead of "grid generation". I don't write my own grid generation code. I use the softwares such as Gridgen and ICEM. My problem is about the grids layout around specific complex geometry. For example, around a helecopter, or a marine propeller behind the ship hull.

My latest problem is the discretization in the interior of a airfoil section. I want to analysis the flow in the gap between a short wing and a body near its tip. The airfoil section is projected to the body so that I can put wing and body in an O-grid. Axis of O-grid is to be along the center line of the body. The two ends of O-gris meet at the plan on which the wing lies. The remaining problem is the airfoil shape region between wing and the body. I hope someone help me solve the problem.

Do you get it? I think I have made you very confused. If you are interested in my problem, E-mail to me and there may be some private discussion between us.

I agree with Chien that it takes much time to download a pic. from the network with phone line. However what I want to know is that I'm allowed to put pictures in a post or not. Additionally how to do if I'm allowed.

JunseokKim March 20, 2001 22:28

Re: Can I put pictures in my post?

JunseokKim March 20, 2001 22:29

Re: Can I put pictures in my post?
You don't have to bother for that, just simple link your picture file location, and put your picture file in your website.


John C. Chien March 21, 2001 00:59

Re: Can I put pictures in my post?
(1). You are dealing with the topology of the computational domain. You are trying to squeeze the computational domain into a predetermined O-type grid topology. (2). My suggestion is: try to use structured mesh topology first. That is, cut the computational domain into smaller blocks. The H-type would be easier for you, although it might not be the most accurate one. (3). Once you have the H-type topology solved, you can then figure out whether it is possible to connect portion of the blocks into O-type.

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