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JR Wells November 18, 1998 16:28

Report dew in 4 Weeks
I need help finding eqations to determain drafting (as in racing). This is for a report and I need help. I need any type of equation you have to configure drafting. Please send me your equations. Thank you for your time.

JR Wells

Clifford Arnold November 19, 1998 16:37

Re: Report dew in 4 Weeks
O.K. I'll go on record. I will probably be sorry for it in the morning.

I think a mail like this has several warning flags:

"this is for a report" and "I need any type of equation you have" suggest to me that more than equations are needed here.

"Report due in 4 weeks" in a title for a discussion group.

In my humble opinion, anyone who sends anything other than book references along with recommendation(s) for capable consulting services is doing this person a disservice.

I dutifully hand the soap box to someone else.

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