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vijay pargaonkar March 26, 2001 23:35

Online CFD papers
Dear all,

By "Online CFD papers" what I meant is that, the whole paper can be downloaded from the website free of cost. Please do not suggest the sites which keep references to tons of papers which can not be downloaded or which show only abstracts.

People who are interested in CFD but do not have access to libraries, can not get such papers.

Hence, I am interested in knowing the websites which provide online papers on CFD. Please suggest me such websites.

Also, John Chien can we do something regarding this?

Pargaonkar Vijay

John C. Chien March 27, 2001 02:28

Re: Online CFD papers
(1). The question is very creative and practical. (2). For me, I normally spend long time at a library if I need some technical papers. And sometimes I just go through many issues of the journal to get a rough idea about what's being printed for future need. (3). If the reference is not available, I would circle down the item and ask the library to get it. And almost all the time, I have some kind of access to a library. (4). Paper has copyright issues. So, even though most of us can make copies at a library for personal use, to store it at a different location for public access can create some problems, although on Internet anything can happen. The other thing is, one can officially obtain the permission to do so from the copyright author. (5). So, if you can solve those copyright problems (get permission from the author in paper), then I guess you can put the technical papers in a website, so that CFD researchers can download it. (6). Since the CFD field is very broad, it's kind of hard to know how to handle it. In the past, AIAA has published a few volumes of papers in CFD and turbulence modeling. So, it might be useful in that form. That is, first identify some useful CFD and turbulence modeling papers, including mesh generation I guess, and then put those in a special section of website. If you are in a school, it might be easier to do so in the school's website.(I am just guessing.) (7). Have I answered your question?

vijay pargaonkar March 27, 2001 02:49

Re: Online CFD papers
Dear John Chien,

Thanks for giving positive consideration to the issue.

I am a postgraduate from IIT Bombay. IIT Bombay has very good and well organised library. There itself I learned this interesting field CFD.

Now, I am working in R&D of a private company which is not into CFD field. But I want to keep my CFD work going. I rarely get access to any good technical library.

I promise to help you in obtaining permissions from the authors for putting their paper on web site.

Now the large space memory issue. Yes, you are absolutely right. students from schools will have large space for storing these papers. If that does not help. In the worst case :- There are many free web sites. We can try putting the papers in a well organised manner on those sites.

I will extend any help in this regard. I am quite familiar about website designing.(HTML,JAVA, JAVA script).

Pargaonkar Vijay

atholl March 27, 2001 03:48

Re: Online CFD papers
Have you tried Some, but not all of the papers are downloadable in .pdf format. It's a good start to find some articles on the practical application of CFD.


Sebastien Perron March 27, 2001 08:06

Re: Online CFD papers
Beside websites which belong to NASA, I don't thing there are major websites for FREE electronic papers. Usually you have to find researchers personal websites or educational librairies open to the public. If you are willing to pay, SIAM and most of the major publishers offer electronic papers.

Jonas Larsson March 27, 2001 08:53

Re: Online CFD papers
There is a huge e-print archive at LANL which covers most areas of physics, including computational stuff closesly related to CFD. You can find the main site at:

This site has been online for many years and it plays a key role in shaping how future scientific results will be published in the field of physics. You can't find many applied CFD papers there yet though.

Several of the NASA sites offer full-text papers - most of these sites are linked in the Resource/Docs section of CFD Online.

Perhaps an e-print archive here at CFD Online would be interesting. Do you think people would upload their papers to it?

Jim Park March 27, 2001 09:59

Re: Online CFD papers
This seems to be shaping up as a discipline-governed issue.

In a recent issue of Science News, a long cover story detailed the problems that chemists are having in posting pre-publication copies of their papers. The chemistry journals are refusing to print anything that has a previous publication. My daughter, a technical librarian (I think the current term is 'information scientist'), reports that the chemical journals are the most expensive generally available.

The LANL site was discussed as the opposite extreme.

Interesting reading. Sorry I don't have the specific issue at hand.

Frank March 27, 2001 12:20

Re: Online CFD papers
probably standard web-sides,(oldies but goldies) :


Greg Perkins March 27, 2001 22:18

Re: Online CFD papers
Through our library at University of New South Wales we can get all the journals online - and download the pdf files of the original journal articles. We have access to all the major journals etc. which now all have online databases where you can do this. The only problem is that papers prior to about '94 are not yet online and we still have to go to the library for these!

The library pays a fair bit for this service and you need a special password etc to access it. So maybe inquire with your library about getting similar access.


Rechard C. March 28, 2001 01:23

Re: Online CFD papers

I shall involved in R&D of micro-flow. Could you tell me where I can find Lattice-Boltzmann-Lax-Wendroff code .Thanks in advance.

Rechard C. March 28, 2001 01:24

Re: Online CFD papers

I shall involve in R&D of micro-flow. Could you tell me where I can find Lattice-Boltzmann-Lax-Wendroff code .Thanks in advance.

vijay pargaonkar March 28, 2001 23:12

Re: Online CFD papers
Dear Greg,

Thanks for the advice. Currently IIT Bombay does not have such facility. We can search and view the abstracts of the papers (1989 afterwards) through one software. The papers are not in pdf format. One has to go to the library and locate the paper and use it. The software is moreover like a pointer.

I will suggest this "pdf idea" to IIT Bombay library. Thanks for the practical solution. Really, this will save a lot of time, stationary and unnecessary copying of papers.

Pargaonkar Vijay

vijay pargaonkar March 28, 2001 23:34

Re: Online CFD papers
Dear Jonas Larsson,

Nice suggession. The site is really good. I am in hunt of such site for CFD. Thanks.

Jonas, I am totally optimistic about an e-print archive at CFD Online. People will upload there papers. Uploading facility can be easily provided. One relevant question, "do we have enough space on server for storage of the papers?".

Otherwise, usual way out is to let the authors put only the link and keywords of their paper.

An e-print archive at CFD Online is a better option.

Pargaonkar Vijay

vijay pargaonkar March 29, 2001 02:16

Re: Online CFD papers
Dear Frank,

True, Oldies are goldies.

These sites are really useful.


Pargaonkar Vijay

vijay pargaonkar March 29, 2001 02:20

Rechard wrong place
Dear Rechard C.,

Please put the message as new message. That will generate new thread for your problem. Also, it will be helpful to you. Change the subject name as well.

Pargaonkar Vijay

Jonas Larsson March 29, 2001 02:57

Re: Online CFD papers
The new server, which will be launched in a week or two, has more than 100 GB of diskspace, with about 50 gigs free for archives of this type... should be enough for some time. How large do you think an average a paper is?

For the moment I'm busy with setting everything up on the new server. When that is finished we can look into the possibility of starting an e-print archive.

vijay pargaonkar March 29, 2001 04:27

Re: Online CFD papers
Dear Jonas Larsson,

Really good news,

50gb Vow!!!!!.

Average CFD paper can have 16 pages. That will make it at the most 1 Mb for a paper in PS format. If the paper contains lot of graphics it can go upto 5Mb (If zipped).

50Gb is a huge space for us to store the papers.

I have experienced the pains of shifting site form one server to another. But, once the server is up and the site is successfully shifted. We can easily start an e-print archive on that server in near future.

Pargaonkar Vijay

Michel T. Talbot April 2, 2001 17:33

Re: Online CFD papers
my favorite site is NEC's ResearchIndex:

it contains literally thousands of free CFD and Numerical papers but you must use boolean searches to keep the hit list down to size, try queries like: cfd and shock hyperbolic and conservation and scheme finite difference and shock etc...

Dont forget to click on the "Documents" button to get free papers otherwise hitting Enter invokes the default "Citations" Button and produces only abstracts.

Jing April 4, 2001 03:17

Re: Online CFD papers is a useful scientific paper index tool and almost half of the paper can be download fully.

And you can also try the, in which the papers in some special volume of the journals could be download as a .pdf file.

Vijay Pargaonkar April 9, 2001 01:06

Re: Online CFD papers
Dear all,

I am thankful to all of you who provided precious information to me.

Here is one interesting fact I found on web. Just want to share with all.

THE NEWS:- MIT to make nearly all course materials available free on the World Wide Web.

APRIL 4, 2001 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- MIT President Charles M. Vest has announced that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will make the materials for nearly all its courses freely available on the Internet over the next ten years. He made the announcement about the new program, known as MIT OpenCourseWare (MITOCW), at a press conference at MIT on Wednesday, April 4th.

For more info please visit the following site.

With regards Pargaonkar Vijay

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