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Liaqat Khan March 27, 2001 15:40

Computing time
I have been using Star-CD for about a year. The computational grid is getting large (order of 2 to 5 million), and I don't have computers for running them in house. I am looking for company/organization who have large computing capability (preferably super computer with multi-processors) and sell their computer time for commercial use. I will set up Star-CD and do the data processing in-house, but run Star-CD remotely from my office. Thanks

John Van Workum March 29, 2001 09:53

Re: Computing time
Have you considered using clusters instead of multi-processor machines? It may be very difficult to find affordable supercomputer time. You can find time at:,, and I believe NEC provides a similar service (don't have the link). If you are looking for affordable computing time, drop me an email.

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