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Rechard C. March 28, 2001 01:36


I shall involve in R&D of micro-flow. Could you tell me where I can find Lattice-Boltzmann-Lax-Wendroff code.Thanks in advance.


Junseok Kim March 28, 2001 01:59

Re: Micro-flow
Lattice Boltzmann Model of Binary Fluid Mixtures

E. Orlandini, M.R. Swift and J.M. Yeomans

Europhys.Lett. 32, 6, pp.463-468 (1995)

I coded above paper's sheme by using f90, but there is no comment in my code, so it would be hard to understand.

What is your interest area in simulation?


Rechard C. March 28, 2001 22:42

Re: Micro-flow

Thank you for your information. My project is to simulate the mirco-mold-filling process, which has moving boundary and non-Newtonian flow characteristic at very small length scales. Due to flow length scales is very small,it would cause the continnum assumption to break down. So,I want to know if lattice Boltzman method can solve it. Could you give me any suggestion about it? Thanks!

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