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Selina Tracy March 28, 2001 15:34

Dominant Meshing Tool
So far, ICEM is dominant for meshing (100%) at least on this site. Got as many as '1' response to my inquiry;

Once again, I would like to know which one you have ever used so far among

ICEM, Gridgen, TrueGrid, Tiger, or GridPro,

all are listed in the "Resources-Grid generation:cfd-online"


Selina Tracy March 30, 2001 03:56

Update: Dominant Meshing Tool
I would like to update my inquiry:

Though cfd is a major interest of this site, as a tool for it(maybe more than that), I just want to know how many people are using separate meshing tool. Certainly, meshing has been the most time consuming part through the simulation as our models are getting more and more complicated.

I am sure that majority of cfd persons are relying on their own generation tools. But still large percentage of industry engineers are using commercial cfd packages that comes with grid generators. So, my question is: Which mesh generator are you using: (1) generator that comes with cfd package OR (2) ICEM, Gridgen, TrueGrid, Tiger, GridPro or others

Thanks for your time.


Jeff W March 30, 2001 10:25

Re: Update: Dominant Meshing Tool
I like FEMAP.

Raza Mirza March 31, 2001 12:21

Re: Update: Dominant Meshing Tool
I use ANSA-TGrid combination to generate a tet-dominant mesh. Occasionally i also mesh some simple portions with hexes and prisms. the combination is very robust and i get a very good quality mesh fairly quickly. any changes to an existing model is even faster.

Dirk March 31, 2001 15:43

Re: Dominant Meshing Tool
We use IGG/Autogrid (as a stand-alone mesh generator combined with our own flow solver).


Ma March 31, 2001 19:17

Re: Dominant Meshing Tool
I took a course about Gridgen and Gridpro last semester. I like them.


andy April 1, 2001 08:34

Re: Dominant Meshing Tool
Last semester? An academic course or a vocational course?

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