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Brian Tache March 28, 2001 16:21

College Student / Future in CFD
Hi everybody,

I am currently a Junior at Kettering University and I just finished a basic course in Fluid Dynamics. I thought the class was extremely interesting and it was something that captured my interest. My school offers a course in CFD and I am seriously thinking about taking it. My question is what type of industry jobs are there for people in CFD? How did you get into CFD? I know these are very broad questions but any feedback would help. Thanks everyone!!

John C. Chien March 28, 2001 17:19

Re: College Student / Future in CFD
(1). I have a BSME, a MSME, and a PhD in aerospace engineering. (2). You can take a course in Fluid Dynamics, and learn the basic equations and physics in fluid flows. And some simple solutions to the flow problems. (3). If you need to know more, you can take fluid mechanics Lab course (sometimes you have to take it), and learn how to run experiment to get the needed data. And sometimes, you may have to invent your instrument to measure the flow field. (4). You can also take a course in CFD and learn how to obtain numerical solutions in addition to the experimental results. (5). The numerical solution is not analytical solution, it is approximate solution through computer simulation. (6). Are you getting the whole picture now? CFD is an approach to obtain flow field data, not through experiment, but through numerical analysis. That's all. Perhaps, it is misleading to use "CFD". It should be more appropriate to use " Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling in Fluid Dynamics".

Kike March 29, 2001 04:59

Re: College Student / Future in CFD
Dear Brian

Certainly, those are very broad questions. Industry jobs for CFD people you have into: Technical Software, Chemical, Mechanical, Naval, Aeroespatial, Automotive, Food, Biological, Medical, ... even in Cosmetics (which is in principle chemical), and the Science "developing industry" (Universities and Research Centers). You have almost the full spectrum to choise. I suppose you had seem the Jobs Database from this page. It is the best web database for CFD jobs (it is my oppinion).

I am not completely sure, but I think mostly of us (CFD people) have came into the CFD as you will do, ie. by an introductory course in our schools. Although, you can find abroad people who were born programming their own codes and are given oppinion on topics they don't know. Fortunatelly, they are not the common people in this family.

Who give the course in you school? What is the outline of the course? Fundamental or applied CFD? You should ansuwer these (and some other) questions before start the course. Nevertheless, mi opinion is GO AHEAD!. After it finish go back here and we will talk again. Keep my mail address and maybe we will collaborate in the future. I work on atomization.

Two more lines to tell you something. Split CFD into C+F+D and start you learning path by the contrary sense, ie. from Dynamics (physics concepts and principles), after the Fluid (definitions and properties) and finally the Computational aspects to study this kind of systems.

Best wishes


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