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Jim April 1, 2001 19:41

What do people make at a REAL company?
I am looking at a CFD job at a real CFD company in the US. I have a MS in Thermo/FEA and a BS in Aerospace Engineering, 4 years R&D at a big aerospace company. Most of that time was doing CFD. What is a reasonable salary number, in dollars?

Alton Reich April 1, 2001 21:35

Re: What do people make at a REAL company?

Send me a resume at my work address <>, and (if you've got what we're looking for), we'll discuss what CFD people make at a cFD company.


John C. Chien April 1, 2001 22:09

Re: What do people make at a REAL company?
(1). There is no fixed number there. (2). If you are looking for the general answer, why not look at some of the job websites first. In most cases, it includes the requirements and the range of salary for each job posted by the company. (3). I think, the salary is market oriented. When the business is good and the company is having difficulty to find engineers, then they are willing to pay the agency to go out and look for engineers. (4). Lay-off is part of American life. And it is highly dynamic. (5). And since many engineers in a company are learning how to use CFD codes, one can assume that they are paid at the industrial average. In other words, it is easier to get someone in the company to run some codes than to go outside and find a new one. (6). You can also visit the cfd code vendors websites, they always have a section of employment which lists the job openings currently available. If they don't have a job opening, then it is useless to discuss the salary. (7). So, I would say that the salary is equal to the market demand. If the demand for cfd engineer is high, then the pay should be higher.

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