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uwe April 3, 2001 15:53

blood separation
Does anybody know how to model the seperation of blood into erythrocite and serum in a centrifuge or where I can get information about this?

Bubba April 3, 2001 20:45

Re: blood separation
I'm curious, how large are blood cells?

Also what exactly is erythrocite and serum in layman's terms..:)

uwe April 4, 2001 02:58

Re: blood separation
Blood consists of about 50-weight% erytrocite ...particles which are about 5 - 10 microns big, the other 50-weigth% are serum or water with a particle diameter very much smaller than that of erythrocite. The densities are almost the same, something like 1.02g/cm^3 for serum mixed with water and 1.09 g/cm^3 for erythrocite.

T. Fuhrich April 9, 2001 03:13

Re: blood separation

all I heared about blood flows is that friction is not proportianal grad(v). I heared that from someone who had conducted experiments many years ago. Hope that helps.


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