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Yang See Yew April 5, 2001 05:14

CFD options
We have some experience in using HyperMesh for building the CFD model and Fluent for processing. My company is now looking into buying the software for doing simple CFD analysis(less than 500,000 cells)to show parameters such as airflow, fire modelling, smoke spread, temperature,etc.

Besides HyperMesh and Fluent, we know there are some other cheaper softwares available and want to find out the estimated cost of buying the CFD software (in Singapore). We also wish to know the limitations and benefits of the software compared to HyperMesh&Fluent, and any specific requirements for the hardware.

John C. Chien April 6, 2001 14:24

Re: CFD options
(1)."we know there are some other cheaper softwares available" , how much cheaper? (2). Do you have a number? One dollar cheaper?

Yang See Yew April 18, 2001 05:02

Re: CFD options
The yearly cost should be less than S$25,000 but we are considering other requirement as listed below.

We are looking into various CFD software to purchase for doing CFD analysis work on HVAC, fire and smoke simulations. If you are interested or know of any vendor who are interested, please fill up and send the reply to us by 21/4/01. Our requirement is stated in there as well.

a)List down names of software to build a simple CFD Model (less than 500,000 cells), solve, post-processing and print results for:

1)HVAC type applications 2)Fire modelling 3)Smoke spread

b)List down any of the above CFD software advantages and limitations.

c)Whether suitable to install in Windows NT Pentium III PC, 256MB, 10GB hard disk, open GL graphic cards. Single user. -any upgrading requirement

d)Technical and service support -local agent and contact -local service personnel and contact -vendor's name and resume

e)User base -number and names of customers in Singapore and world-wide

f)Training -number of days included for training on HVAC, fire and smoke simulations

g)How long the products are ported to Windows? -Stable on Window NT.

h)What modules are included?

i)Cost in S$ for annual and perpetual licence

j)Maintenance cost after 1st year for perpetual licence

John C. Chien April 18, 2001 05:24

Re: CFD options
(1). It is nice to see the requirement lists about the software you are looking for. (2). You may want to contact software vendors listed here as sponsors. Your question is really for them.

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