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Daejin,Kang November 19, 1998 22:50

turbulent flow.......
What is the best of the turbulent model that expressed the swirl flow......????

Abdul Aziz Jaafar November 20, 1998 07:08

Re: turbulent flow.......
Dear Daejin

In the rotating disc system for example, the flow away from the wall could follow a free vortex behaviour. In this case the k-e model or rstm model could reasonable capture this. If rankine vortex dominated, perhaps rstm is the best choice, as the standard k-e model, as seen the some flow problem give premature tarnsition to solid body flow. Some of the research worker improved the k-e solution by introducing several correction to the epsilon transport equation.

Hope this help

A. Aziz Jaafar

Y Wang November 20, 1998 13:44

Re: turbulent flow.......
Dear Abdul Aziz Jaafar,

Could you please tell me details of the researcher mentioned in your message? I am calculating the through flow in a cylindrical annulus with rotating inner cylinder and I have not found suitable test cases yet.


Yi Wang

Abdul Aziz Jaafar November 20, 1998 15:21

Re: turbulent flow.......
Dear Wang

Could you please decribe briefly the physical situation of your problem. You could find several flow and heat transfer problem in rotating disk system such as given in monograph below :

1. Owen and Rogers; Flow and heat transfer in rotating disc system : Vol 1: Rotor-stator system

2. As above, Vol 2: Rotating cavities

both by Research studies Press Taunton

Hope this could help

A. Aziz Jaafar

Casey McCurry November 23, 1998 12:11

Re: turbulent flow.......
If one were to use the "toilet" example on this situation, what would be the effects on velocity of the swirl?

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