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J. Xia April 5, 2001 17:12

References on DNS/LES
Could anyone introduce some basic references on DNS/LES for me? Thanks!

kalyan April 5, 2001 17:24

Re: References on DNS/LES
Try the CTR website. A paper by Lesieur in the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics (I forgot the year) is the latest comprehensive review I know of.

I see that you are from UTA. You can perhaps learn about DNS/LES faster if you talked to Prof. Lund out there.

Han April 5, 2001 17:52

Re: References on DNS/LES
Looking at the thread on this message board that is discussing the worth of CFD Books, I am a little weary to be recommending one. I will, however, recommend Ferziger and Peric's book 'Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics'. This introductory book has a nice section on LES and DNS modelling.

In the end, you should be looking at the current literature, but looking at a textbook initially can give you a solid foundation so that you can get more from the papers.

I hope this helps you out,


Jens Chr. Bennetsen April 6, 2001 02:49

Re: References on DNS/LES

Take a look at the book by Pierre Sagaut:

Large Eddy Simulation for incompressible flows

Springer (ISBN: 3-540-67890-5 Springer Verlag Berlin)

This a good introduction to LES.



mnasri chokri April 6, 2001 09:17

Re: References on DNS/LES
try the personnel page of jeffrey chasnov ,there is good references for numerical simulation . the adress is :

frederic felten April 6, 2001 11:28

Re: References on DNS/LES
Hi there,

if you are at UTA(University of texas at Arlington) well just stop by my office: Woolf hall, Office 314 (CFD lab) I'll be able to give you some good references.

Otherwise if the A stands for Austin, well go check this publication, available on-line, by Ugo Piomelli:

U. Piomelli. Large-eddy simulation: achievements and challenges. Progress in Aerospace Sciences 35, pp. 335-362 (1999).

Hope this helps. sincerely,

Frederic Felten.

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