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Du April 7, 2001 05:14

How to deal with sourse term
A soure term has been added to momentum equation of Euler equations, this sourse term is the function of time t,how to deal with this sourse term, how to deal with this term,

Can anyone give me some referencs about sourse term?

Bubba April 8, 2001 08:38

Re: How to deal with source term
If you are using a finite volume type code then read Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow by Patankar.

A few questions you may want to ask yourself is:

1) Is the rate of change of the source term large?

if not then you may want to treat it explicitly

(Picard iteration)

[ I like to keep things simple :) ]

2) What is the realative magnitude of your source term

compared with your other terms? If you are using

an implicit method the source term may have a

large impact on your linear solver.

This may not be very much help but the answer really depends on the code you are using..

Du April 8, 2001 09:07

Re: How to deal with source term
I use the finite difference type, the soures is non-inertia sourse term. In fact, I cauld deal with it using moving grid, But my tutor ask me to take the non-intertia as sourse term.

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