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W.L.C. April 8, 2001 05:49

Finite elemnet diffusion
Who knows the finite element equation (explicit scheme)for diffusion (heat transfer)?

John C. Chien April 8, 2001 15:20

Re: Finite elemnet diffusion
(1). Since my impression is no one is writing codes, especially the finite element codes, the only place to ask is the commercial cfd code vendors place. (2). Try "The finite element method" from the University of Wales.

Sebastien Perron April 8, 2001 18:37

Re: Finite elemnet diffusion
Sorry, I don't think there such "the finite element equation" for haet transfer.

Their are many equations and they depend on the elements (P1P2, P2, Q1, Q2....) that yout are using and the upwinding scheme.

If you are a starter in FEM, a good introduction is the book:

Finite Element Analysis, from concepts to applications. David S. Burnett. Addison-Wesley Editor.

Or: The Finite Element Method for Engineers from Huebner and Thornton

Good luck.

clifford bradford April 14, 2001 09:52

Re: Finite elemnet diffusion
buy a commercial code. Virtual all the commercial conduction codes are FEM. There are quite a few free/share ware FEm codes . Search around.

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