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mechikel mohamed April 9, 2001 05:37

Je travaille sur les jets turbulents à masse volumique variable confinnés avec un modèle de turbulence du second ordre(Reynolds stress model) et j'ai besoin d'une aide urgente pour acquerrir un code de calcul qui traite cette situation.


Peter April 9, 2001 08:23

Re: jets - Freistrahl
Lieber Mohamed,

vielleicht wüßten einige Leute etwas über Freistrahlen und Turbulenzmodelle, aber sie verstehen die Fragen nicht.


PS. Post your questions in English!

mechikel mohamed April 10, 2001 09:37

Re: jets - Freistrahl
Hello I work on the confinned turbulent jets with variable density with a model of turbulence of the second ordre (Reynolds stress model)and I have an urgent need to acquire a computer code which treats this field.


A.Hassaneen April 11, 2001 03:48

Re: jets - Freistrahl
I have done some good work on jet impingement using FIDAP code (FE code).

mechikel mohamed April 11, 2001 04:19

Re: jets - A.Hassaneen

I would like well that you to give me more explanations on FIDAP codes, his applications.


A.Hassaneen April 11, 2001 04:28

Re: jets - A.Hassaneen
FIDAP is a finite element CFD code and it has many capabilities. As I told you, I have successfully used it in jet impingement application with free surface modeling. The other codes also can do it. It depends on what are trying to model?. By the way, FIDAP is supported by Fluent company.

mechikel mohamed April 11, 2001 10:04

Re: jets - A.Hassaneen

Thanks for your explanations, I ask you if possible to inform me on the way of acquiring FIDAP codes or others.


Hassaneen April 12, 2001 02:15

Re: jets - A.Hassaneen
get in contact with fluent

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