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Zhu April 10, 2001 04:38

Anyone can help me?
I need the following reference book, and I have searched it in a lot of liberaries in Japan, but failed to find it. Is there anyone here have this book at hand or can easily find this book?

The book needed is:

Rouse,H. (1959). "Advanced mechanics of fluids (appendix)" John Wiley and Sons Publishing Co., Inc., New York, pp.407-423.

Danny Tan April 10, 2001 19:26

Re: Anyone can help me?
I have the book. Do you need the appendix ?

Author : Rouse, Hunter Title : Advanced mechanics of fluids Published : New York Wiley [1959]


Zhu April 10, 2001 22:41

Re: Anyone can help me?
I am so glad to hear that you have the book.

Yes, I need the appendix from pp.407 to p.423.

Would you please kindly let me have a chance to read the appendix by sending them in PDF format to my email address ( , or giving me a fax of them (Fax: 0081-3-5405-8161), or by other some way?

Thank you very very much.


AsokSP April 11, 2001 08:09

Re: Anyone can help me?
Dear Zhu, While I feel sorry that I have no idea about the book needed by you I may be able to suggest you similar books if I can know the topics you want to refer to.I am no big man in Fluid Mechanics.I just wanted to give you moral support and my area of research is Fluid mechanics. Regards, S.P.ASOK,M.E, India

Zhu April 12, 2001 01:11

Re: Anyone can help me?
Dear S.P.ASOK, Thank you very much for your moral support.

The topic I want to know is how to transform the governing equations in Cartensian Coordinate to the ones in orthogonal curvilinear coodinates. Although there are many books talking about this topics, most of them are to express the equations in covariant or contravariant form in computational space. What I want to know is how to express the equations in physical components in physical space.

Thank you very much for your help again!

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