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T April 10, 2001 18:17

MAC + SOLA for free surface
Hi everyone,

Im trying to run a free-surface simulation using a combination of the MAC and SOLA methods. The free surface is tracked using marker particles as in MAC, while the solution algo is based on SOLA.

The MAC report says that if viscous effects r negligible, it would be sufficient to apply the ext pressure and enforce D=0 for the surface cells. The technique for enforcing D=0 depending on the no. of empty cell faces the surface cell has.

If one were to use SOLA, can one apply the pressure b.c, and include the surface cells in the sweep that results in D becoming zero for all the cells or Is it necessary to use the method described in MAC for making D=0 in the surface cells?

Also in SOLA, since the sweep is over all the cells including boundary cells, as a result of the sweep the normal vel at a wall may change...thus if I were to move the marker particles after a sweep would there be problems...or should I enforce the vel b.c's after the sweep and then move the particles?

I wonder if my question is clear enough...anyway any advice would be appreciated..

Dean April 11, 2001 13:43

Re: MAC + SOLA for free surface
A lot of work by the Los Alamos group has been done since the days of MAC and SOLA. You might want to check out their web site and click on Ripple. With a little luck, that will lead to lots of references that may help you. They also published a number of papers in the Journal of Computational Physics from the early 1960s into the 1980s. You might start with volume 39, page 201.

Good luck!

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