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Bart Prast April 19, 2001 05:09

IGES file of fighter jet
Maybe a strange question, but: Can anyone provide me with an IGES file with the (simplified) geometry of a fighter jet? Just to make a pretty picture calculated with my own code.

John C. Chien April 19, 2001 13:39

Re: IGES file of fighter jet
(1). What do you mean by "the (simplified) geometry of a fighter jet"? (2). Is it a jet? a fighter? or a jet fighter? (3). You can easily buy a model fighter and try to model it in your code.(accuracy? unknown.)

Bart Prast April 23, 2001 07:48

Re: IGES file of fighter jet
This not about accuracy. I'm reluctant to say that is merely a way to generate a 'nice' picture. This has nothing to do with the technical side as with the marketing side of it.

So if anybody has a IGES file of a jet-fighter (fi a F-16 F-18 etc) and they are willing to give it to us then that would be great.


Bart Prast

andy April 24, 2001 11:30

Re: IGES file of fighter jet
There is a file jet.igs at the IGES 5.x Preservation Society:

but I do not know what is in it. There may be similar files else where at the site.

Bart Prast May 1, 2001 04:39

Re: IGES file of fighter jet
Sorry, no IGES files with jet geometries on that site. Maybe Boeing or a similar company can help me.

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