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Gregory Monachos April 21, 2001 07:48

NEW free Engineering Calculators added !

I have posted two more calculators on

One heating piping calculator , and one voltage drop calculator.

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you.

John C. Chien April 21, 2001 20:52

Can't read it, not displayed properly.
(1). It is not displayed properly, I can't read it at all.

Gregory Monachos April 22, 2001 04:26

Re: Can't read it, not displayed properly.
In order for the pages to be properly displayed , you must have a Java capable and enabled browser. As far as I know , Netscape 6 doesn't support Java anymore , so if you are trying to view the site with Net 6 , you won't make it. Please try Internet explorer.

Also you should know that in order to display the english pages you should click on the english flag on the top left of the site. (that is if your problem is that you cannot find the english version).

Thanks for visiting!

Web Victim April 23, 2001 05:07

One comment for you:

do not EVER re-size the other persons browser. I did not even bother to see what you had to offer when your script attempted to re-size my browser to the full screen. Why would you do such a thing? How annoying.

Gregory Monachos April 23, 2001 08:06

Re: warning.....
I don't understand why this is so tragical. Anyway I think you shouldn't publicly judge a site only because you were anoyed by your browser resize.


Jonas Larsson April 23, 2001 08:35

Re: NEW free Engineering Calculators added !
I agree with "Web Victim". This re-sizing is very annoying - you can't hit "back" and return reading the discussion forum and get your original screen back. I never surf with my browser window maximized - don't try to force it on me please! You might even accidently kill your large window believing that the small discussion-forum window will be below it and end up killing your browser (I did) *sigh*

Gregory Monachos April 23, 2001 08:39

Re: NEW free Engineering Calculators added !
Ok. Ok. I will remove the resizer script on my next update. But what about the rest of the site? Did you like it or not? What calculators are you interested to see on it? Is it usefull?

Thanks again!

Peter Attar April 23, 2001 08:57

Re: warning.....
It's "tragical" for me because when I have my netscape running I am working on other things on my unix box and when the browser is resized such that it fills my whole screen there is no way for me to get to my other work..the only way to do this is to exit out of netscape...I agree with the prior's quite annoying

Gregory Monachos April 23, 2001 09:22

Resizing script removed.
I have removed the resizing javascript. Please post any more comments about the content of the site , the calculators , it's usefulness e.t.c.


Gregory Monachos April 23, 2001 09:23

Resizing script removed.
Hello again.

I have removed the resizing script from the site.

andy April 24, 2001 10:33

Re: NEW free Engineering Calculators added !
In my browser (Netscape 4.73 under Solaris 2.6) 70% of the words are gobble-de-gook, 20% English and 10% Greek.

There is no visible English flag. Clicking various unrecognizable top left objects achieves nothing.

I cannot use Internet Explorer (which I assume is the Microsoft browser?) because, like a large proportion of CFD users, I use a unix operating system.

A full implementation of Java 1.1.3 is in the path but whether netscape uses any of it I do not know.

I am afraid, for me, the site is completely unusable.

I know little about the web but may I suggest using tools which conform to open published standards (see if you wish the site to be generally viewable by non-Microsoft users (I am guessing, perhaps wrongly, the root cause of the problems).

Gregory Monachos April 24, 2001 11:54

Re: NEW free Engineering Calculators added !
Dear Andy.

Thank you very much for responding. I knew that non Microsoft users do not correctly display the site , as both my web hosting provider (NT Server) and the design program (Frontpage) are products of Microsoft, but I didn't know the extension of the problem. I checked my site with Netscape 4.0 with windows , a friend checked it with Netscape 4.0 with Linux , and the site displayed correctly (not exactly as designed , but yet correctly). It seems that Microsoft doesn't keep compatibility with other web design program developers and that Netscape does not fully support Java in its latest versions (especially Netscape 6.0 which does not supports Java at all) and all these of course turn in incompatible html code. I plan to re-write all pages with non microsoft tools , so that I keep better compatibility with other browsers , but for the time beeing I concentrate my effort to content enhancement , and not design or compatibility. Anyway , I am very sorry you cannot see the pages. Thank you very much for this valuable information.

John C. Chien April 24, 2001 13:20

Re: NEW free Engineering Calculators added !
(1). It is still not readable, portion of the text on the left hand side is not visible. I am using Windows98, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. (2). Perhaps, it is a good idea to use the standard HTML.

Gregory Monachos April 25, 2001 02:45

Re: NEW free Engineering Calculators added !
I will do it on my next update. Thanks for the information!

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