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Ray April 23, 2001 04:42

SIMPLE/QUICK source code

Where can I find a free source code for a pipe/duct incompressible laminar flow using SIMPLE (or QUICK) method in FORTRAN or C?

Many thanks!


Simple Simon April 23, 2001 05:11

Re: SIMPLE source code
Ferziger and Peric. Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics.

It gives access to source code in fortran.

hachani April 23, 2001 05:38

Heat Transfert source coude
hello I am student of magister. I need an elbow for calculation or a ogiciel which treats the heat transfert of a heat source represented by a hot water pipeline towards a porous médium represented by the water-logged soil. I also want that the ogiciel comprises the phase shift of water has interior medium. Thank you address a:

Lakhdar April 23, 2001 05:57

Re: Heat Transfert doucument
hello I be a student of post graduation prepare a thése some magister of which the subject of search be the storage of solar energy solaire in a porous médium saturate with the variation of several paramétres. I have the honor to me send the doucument and the publication nécéssaires for approfonder in this study. I have need also of a ogiciel of calculation which treat the heat transfert and the phase shift de phase of water have the interior some medium. Thank you for your collaboration scientific. Address yourself a: or

J.FOSTER April 23, 2001 11:56

Re: SIMPLE/QUICK source code

I am also looking for a source code for the same problem as yourself and have seen the reference that has been recommended, however could not get hold of this. If you manage to find a free copy online could you please tell me where to look,

Many thanks


Simple Simon April 24, 2001 17:40

Re: SIMPLE/QUICK source code
Check this site.

nimi April 30, 2001 22:07

Great code!
I think i should buy a copy of this book.

Diego May 1, 2001 12:32

Re: SIMPLE/QUICK source code
Take a look at:

you will download SIMPLE in FORTRAN 77 and some other codes.


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