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Jean van der Merwe April 26, 2001 06:15

Simulation of bubble growth
I'm doing my PhD on the numerical simulation of bubble growth using the volume of fluid method. The VOF method I'm going to work from is that presented by Ubbink(1997). The main goal of my study is to model boiling and the current VOF methods only consider incompressible flow. For boiling flow I need to introduce mass transfer, phase change and the resulting growth of the bubble.

Is there anyone that can give me a few pointers in connection with the compressibility and mass transfer in boiling flow?

kind regards

Jean van der Merwe

Bubba April 27, 2001 14:46

Re: Simulation of bubble growth
Ubbink's Method is a class of High resolution method which tends to smooth your interface more as compared with Level Set, PLIC-VOF and interface tracking schemes. One necessity for mass transfer is the need to resolve temperature gradients at the interface. If you smooth your interface too much you will not capture your temperature gradients properly, you can get around this point if you use correlations (If they exist).

Be cautious, I would not recommend this method for this problem, unless you incorporate (at least) adaptive mesh refinement.

For mass transfer see Juric and Tryggvasson. I forget the journals but go to Tryggvasson's homepage. Banerjee also had a paper on the subject using Level Set. Chen et al. had a paper using SOLA-VOF.

(Sorry I have about 300 papers on my desk and I'm too lazy to find the complete reference.)

Anyways have fun.

Damon May 1, 2001 14:46

Hey Bubba Can you tell me what VOF is? I want to use for wave modelling in a tank thank u

Bubba May 1, 2001 19:40

Re: Vof
Start with the review articles from Zaleski and Rider.

Rider: pubs.html



These references use typically PLIC-VOF. If you don't have wave breaking then you may want to stick with VOF using a High resolution scheme, but it really depends on your application.

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