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Anton G. Ishmurzin May 1, 2001 08:49

Rocket Motor Modelling
Hello ALL!

i'm undergraduate in CFD. I'm working on Subject. I develop a model of inner space of nozzle (Inner Ballistics). I use Euler Equations and Finite volume method on irregular grid. The Flow is 2 phase. Nozzle may be deformed(Variable Thurst Vector).

Can anybody recommend any books, articles, documents, etc. about grid generation, Numerical Scheme, Physical background, etc. *AVAILABLE ONLINE*. Our library is very poor and i can't afford any books. anything regarding this problem is appreciated!

Anton G. Ishmurzin

John C. Chien May 1, 2001 13:04

Re: Rocket Motor Modelling
(1). You should try the AIAA Journal(s). You should be able to find the related information.

Anton May 2, 2001 06:37

Re: Rocket Motor Modelling
Thanks John, it's very useful journal for me, but it's available limited. Only one free sample per journal. Is there free online resources?

thanks a lot.


Christian Holm May 2, 2001 10:45

Re: Rocket Motor Modelling
Try for grid generation.


Anton May 6, 2001 06:24

Re: Rocket Motor Modelling
Thanks a lot Christian.

Anton G. Ishmurzin

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